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Answers to your most frequently
asked questions (FAQs) about
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

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Honest Abe's
Honest Abe's
Honest Abe's

Welcome to Honest Abe's NLP Answers.
Latest Update:  Feb. 29th, 2009

On this page you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about NLP. In most cases the answers will also point you to a book, or books, which deal with the specific question in much greater detail.

If there are any questions not dealt with on this page which you would like to see covered, please contact us at: bradburyac@hotmail.com

List of FAQs

  1. What does NLP stand for?
  2. What is NLP?
  3. How does NLP Work?
  4. What are the NLP Presuppositions?
  5. What are Representational ("Rep") Systems?
  6. What are Submodalities?
  7. Why can't I find Logical and Neurological Levels in the Glossary?
  8. Can you really tell what someone is thinking by watching their eyes?
  9. Is the NLP "Eye Accessing Cues" model really valid?
  10. Are the Benefits of using NLP Automatic?
  11. Can NLP be used in Business?
  12. Can NLP be used in Education?
  13. Can NLP be used to Manipulate People?
  14. What was the NLP court case about?
  15. Is there a Trademark on 'NLP' or 'Neuro-linguistic Programming'?
  16. What is the Link between Coaching and NLP?
  17. Is it Time to Dump the "7%-38%-55% Rule"?
  18. Transderivational WHAT?
  19. What is Unconscious Installation?
  20. What's Wrong with NLP?
  21. Criticism of NLP - A Case Study
  22. Does Research Support NLP?
  23. Is NLP a Cult?
  24. NLP Modeling
  25. Are You at Cause, or at Effect?
  26. Which is the Best Book on NLP?
  27. The Skeptics Dictionary Debacle
  28. Cargo Cult Criticism
    (This is actually a "gateway" FAQ, providing links to reviews of a number of academic critiques of "NLP")
  29. What is the FoNLP?
  30. Whatever Happened to Preferred Representational Systems
  31. Is NLP "New Age"? (In preparation)
  32. Did Bandler and Grinder Really Understand NLP?

Andy Bradbury can be contacted at: bradburyac@hotmail.com