NLP and the News

With so many people gaining some degree of understanding of NLP this seemed like a good time to introduce a feature which focuses on the use of NLP techniques to help to gain a better understanding of public events.  Hence "NLP and the News."
Since I live in the UK I'm starting out with a couple of "home grown" situations, though I hope they are sufficiently big chunk (government "spin" and barriers to communication) to be broadly relevant to an international audience.

Your Input

The purpose of these items is to raise issues for discussion rather than defining "right" answers.  Your input is very welcome, either to suggest other subjects and/or to provide your suggestion for an effective NLP response to any of these situations.

  1. The Governmental Language Shuffle
  2. Do Veils Hamper Effective Communication?
  3. Maps of the War on Terror?
  4. In preparation
  5. Are you worth it?  In preparation
  6. Gordon Brown - Trapped!
    How the British Prime Minister was Caught by a Double Bind
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