14.  What was the NLP court case about?


In the US, Richard Bandler and two associates were suing a number of big names in the NLP community - Steve and Connirae Andreas, Lara Ewing, etc. - apparently on the grounds that they had allegedly pinched Bandler's ideas and caused him financial damage in the process.

When the case finally came to court, at much expense to all concerned - the judge ruled that NLP had, from a legal perspective, been held and developed as a joint property by a group of people that included Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Christine Hall, etc., etc.

The final outcome was that NLP belonged to the group, not any one person, and left Bandler having to prove that he actually was one of the controlling group.  A not very satisfactory ending to a case that might have been better sorted out in private - but an ending none the less.