10.  Are the benefits NLP automatic?


Unfortunately not.

In the first place, NLP itself is a specific modelling technique.  And you are unlikely to want to model everything around you.
Most of what people think of as "NLP" consists of NLP-related concepts and techniques, and these, together with NLP itself and training in NLP and/or the NLP-related techniques, make up the FoNLP (field of NLP).

One of the big advantages of getting familiar with the FoNLP is that it includes many techniques which can enhance and develop your innate personal skills.  It is not, however, a magic wand (even though some members of the NLP seem to think it is).

In a sense, NLP and the FoNLP are like a living thing.  Merely knowing about them, from reading books, listening to CDs or even watching DVDs, only plants the seeds.  To get the seeds to grow you will need to go on courses (to get guided experience in using the techniques), plus practise and practise until the basic concepts and techniques stop being things you consciously do and become natural responses to the things going on around you.

Recommended reading on this topic: most of the basic guides to NLP. We would recommend Introducing NLP or Influencing with Integrity