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This NLP material - NLP book reviews, NLP FAQs and links to other NLP sites - was written and coded by Andy Bradbury, author of 'Successful Presentation Skills' and 'Develop Your NLP Skills'
(author of "Develop Your NLP Skills", etc.)

We have NLP and NLP-related (especially coaching and
emotional intelligence) book reviews, answers to
FAQs, a substantial Glossary and links across the Web

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Welcome to Honest Abe's NLP Emporium (estab'd. June, 1997).
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On Special
Terry McClendon's fascinating book The Wild Days: NLP 1972-1981 - an "insider's" view of the birth and early development of NLP - is back in print and available for just $35 (Australian) including international p&p, direct from the author.
Visit Terry's website at or contact him at:
Read the review HERE.


Honest Abe's
Gordon Brown - Trapped!
How the ex-British Prime Minister was Caught
  by a Double Bind.
Latest Update: January 10th, 2010        
Honest Abe's
The review section now has a
list of introductions to NLP.
Guaranteed safe and self-regulating.
Latest Update: January 24th, 2010  
Honest Abe's
29.   What is the FoNLP?
30.   Whatever Happened to Preferred Representational Systems?

31.   Is NLP a "New Age Program"? (in preparation)
32.   Did Bandler and Grinder Really Understand NLP?
Latest Update: May 23rd, 2010
Honest Abe's
28.   Cargo Cult Psychology
or 'Answering the NLP Critics'
This FAQ answers criticisms of what they call
  "NLP" by established academics, including:
  Professors Beyerstein; Corballis; Della Sala;
  Heap; Lilienfeld, Lynn and Lohr; David Major;
  Sharpley; Von Bergen and Wilson
Currently analyses 14 such articles.
Latest Update: August 8th, 2010
Honest Abe's
Latest Update: October 2nd, 2007
Honest Abe's
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